The latest result of DEA Security’s research & development, dual-tech detection technology DEA Sensor Fusion (DSF) , has just obtained an international patent.

DSF has brought the concept of data fusion into the world of electronic intrusion detectors, i.e. the ability to collect and process information from two different sources in an integrated way: a PIEZO transducer and a MEMS accelerometer.

Special adaptive intelligence algorithms have the task of interpreting the two data streams and making instant decisions based on the knowledge programmed in the firmware and the operating context. In fact, DSF exceeds the limits of individual technologies and, combining their strengths, achieves unparalleled reliability and performance.

Thanks to DSF, the new generation of DEA detectors is able to adapt to a wider variety of structures, materials and operating conditions, always providing maximum performance. And all this without complex and tedious calibration operations: in most cases it will be sufficient, during the first configuration phase, to select the type of structure to be protected.

Here are the links to learn more about our systems which include detectors with DSF technology:

  • FUSION P2P fencing system;
  • XENSITY indoor point-id system;
  • SPC PRO stand-alone indoor detectors.