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Evolution of the hystorical range of SERIE A03 shock sensors, A03 PRO is a modern indoor intrusion detection system for the protection of doors, windows and other structures against opening, burglary, cutting, drilling and breaking through events.


A03 PRO offers different sensor models which specialize in the protection of doors, windows, glass surfaces, burglar bars and walls in residential, commercial and industrial enviroment.


The system employs passive shock seismic sensors, that is without integrated electronics, which sense the impacts and the vibrations generated by intrusion attempts, including drilling and cutting events performed with core drill bits or diamond disc. The sensor for doors and windows is also available in a version equipped with magnetic contact to detect the opening of the structure.



The system is composed of four specialized detectors and a single electronic board which manages all of the A03 PRO sensors and, thanks to a small passive interface, also the SERIE A03 sensors. Calibrations and configurations are performed by means of a specific service app which is compatible with most mobile phones currently available on the market.


Coupling the proven SERIE A03 detection technology with new important features such as the configuration and calibration via mobile app, the native support for star topology and the two-conductor balanced sensors.


Rivelatori specializzati

One analysis board to manage them all

A single analysis board can manage all the SERIE A03 PRO sensor models, also mixed use is allowed. The board is equipped with 4 channels: each channel accepts two sensors of the same type, for a total of 8 sensors.

Made in Italy

Specialized detectors

Thanks to the four different detector models, with a single system and a single analysis board it is possible to protect doors, windows, gratings, glass surfaces, walls and ceilings.

Analisi segnali

Simple and tamperproof wiring

The alarm lines are all multi-balanced and consist of only two non-polarized conductors. Together with the support of “star” topology connections, these features make the system wiring simple and tamperproof.

Analisi segnali

Differentiated alarms

The sophisticated analysis board employs a powerful CPU ARM and high-performance digital filters to process the signals detected by the sensors and discriminate the different attacks to the protected structure.

Made in Italy

Calibrations via smartphone or tablet

System configuration and calibration are performed via a service app, which can be downloaded free of charge for iOS and Android mobile devices, using a secure Wi-Fi connection.

Made in Italy

Made in Italy

All the detectors and analysis boards are designed, produced and assembled in Italy, at DEA Security’s premises, using high-quality components and materials.



Rivelatore XS DOOR

SN-A03P-DRM detector protects doors, windows, skylights and glass surfaces against shocks, breakthrough and opening. It is equipped with anti-removal device and anti-masking magnetic contact.
There is also a model without magnetic contact, with code SN-A03P-DR.
A single sensor can cover a 4 m² detection area approx.

Omologato IMQ Grado di sicurezza 3Coupled with processing board, the SN-A03P-DRM detector is certified Security Grade 3 – Environmental Class II according to EN 50131-2-6 (IMQ-Security Systems certification).


Modulo-rivelatore XS-GRID

SN-A03P-GL detector protects glass surfaces against break, drill and breakthrough. Easy and quick to install, the sensor is easily fixed to glass by means of the double-sided tape supplied with it.
A single sensor can cover an area of 4 m² approx.


Modulo-rivelatore XS-PU + A03

SN-A03P-WL detector protects walls against drill and breakthrough.
In case of masonry walls, a single sensor can cover a detection area of 1,5m ray, enabling the installation of each detector every 3 m approx.
The sensor is equipped with an antiremoval device which signals the attempts of removing the sensor from the protected structure.


Modulo-rivelatore XS-PU + A03AS

SN-A03P-GR detector protects burglar bars, windows guards and other types of security gratings against cut, break and breakthrough attempts. Designed for outdoor use, the sensor is protected by a metal housing and the connection cable is wrapped by a metal flexible conduit.


Omologato IMQ Grado di sicurezza 3Coupled with SERIE A03 PRO detectors equipped with magnetic contact (IMQ-Sistemi di allarme)

All the models of SERIE A03 PRO sensors are managed by BR-A03P-Z4 electronic processing board. It is a multi-zone digital analysis board which employs high-efficiency filters to process the signals coming from the detectors and to generate alarm states (if any). The alarms are differentiated, inside the relevant service app, by type of attack:

  • prealarm;
  • shock (low shocks);
  • breakthrough (gross attacks);
  • drilling/cut (continuous shocks).

The board also provides other two important signals:

  • sensor tamper (removal, cable cut);
  • power fail.

BR-A03P-Z4 is provided with 4 communication channels: to each channel can be connected 2 sensors of the same type, for a total of 8 sensors. This architecture simplifies the execution of the alarm zones, composed by one or two sensors installed on a single structure. In this way we can pinpoint an alarm by keeping the advantages provided by the passive sensors.

10 solid state NC outputs are also present (4 outputs for shock/breakthrough alarm, 4 outputs for opening alarm, General tamper alarm, Power fail alarm) to connect the system to an alarm control panel. To configure and calibrate the board, you need the Wi-Fi dongle DG-DEA-WF and the relevant service app for mobile devices.


The service app, which can be downloaded free of charge for iOS and Android mobile devices, enables you a centralized configuration and calibration of the detectors, using a encrypted Wi-Fi connection. Unlike Bluetooth wireless technology, Wi-Fi connection covers longer distances: this makes it possible to do the calibrations from a room or a floor which are not the ones where the analysis board is placed.

For each of the 4 channels, you can:

  • calibrate the sensitivity independently for low shocks, gross attacks and continuous shocks;
  • set up the number of events which trigger an alarm (low attacks and continuous shocks);
  • set up the memory time for the event counting (low attacks);
  • activate/deactivate the thermal expansion filter (gross attacks);
  • view the intensity of the signals perceived by the sensors thanks to a real time graphic bar.

Regardless of the screen viewed, the app allows you to monitor in real time the status of all the channels and to know the specific alarm event thanks to explicative graphic icons.


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SERIE A03 PRO | Indoor intrusion detection system for doors, windows, burglar bars, walls and glass surfaces