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Perimeter protections

DEA Security’s perimeter intrusion detection systems detect intrusion and break-in attempts on the perimeter of a building or property. They are divided into:

  • outdoor perimeter detection systems: they are composed of fence-mounted systems for the protection of flexible and rigid fences, buried/underground systems for the protection of either concrete flooring or surfaces with no rigid foundation (tread soil, lawn, asphalt, etc);
  • indoor perimeter detection systems: they protect doors, windows, walls, ceilings, security grilles and window guards, raised floors.

DEA’s intrusion detection solutions are employed in protecting perimeters of any size and type, such as military and gouvernment sites, seaports and airports, petrochemical and industrial compounds, water and electricity utilities, nuclear facilities, PV parks and high-profile VIPs. All systems benefit from the complete and robust DEA NET centralization and integration platform, which provides native support for IP networks and most popular VMS and PSIM softwares.

Layers of protection

DEA Security’s perimeter defense systems realize four layers of protection ranging from the outermost perimeter, which generally coincides with the boundary of the property, to the heart of the protected site, typically a building. Starting from the outer layer, you can find:

    Layers of protection

    Dual-tech protection for fences


    Protection of flexible metal fences

    SERIR line

    Protection of rigid metal fences

    TORSUS line

    Buried protection

    SISMA CP 50 system

    Protection of floorings

    SISMA CA system

    Protection of raised floors

    SISMA CA PF system

    Indoor protection

    Sistemi di protezione per interno


    Communication system for the centralization of the alarm signals.


    DEA Security is an Italian company which designs, develops and produces state-of-the-art perimeter intrusion detection systems.

    We have full in-house competence and expertise: from concept to hardware and software design, from construction and testing of prototypes to final products. This allows us to master all the technologies employed in our products and to control the manufacturing process in each single phase to assure very high product quality.

    Now based in La Spezia (North of Italy, near Genoa), DEA Security has grouped its activities in a modern building which is also equipped with a fully functioning demo plant for hands-on learning.


    From pre-sale to post-sale, we provide our customers, mainly installers and systems integrators, with extensive professional services: from consulence and on-site survey to supervision during the installation of the systems.

    On-site survey

    We check the feasibility of the project and, togheter with customer, we define the best solution according to the requirements.


    We draw up offers of the PIDS according to the site features and the customer’s needs.

    Certificated training

    We provide certificated training on how to install and configure DEA’s systems.

    On-site technical supervision

    Our field-engineers supervise the laying and the start-up of the system.

    Factory pretest

    The cabinets preassembled with the relevant electronics are factory tested according to their standard configuration.

    On-site support

    Our field engineers support the installer during the installation or the maintenance of the system.


    We provide assistance and technical advice for the integration of our protections with third-party management systems.


    Depending on the site requirements, we can also customize our operating software.


    Below is a list of our foreign distributors. Feel free to contact us for more information.


    DSF technology is an international patent

    The latest result of DEA Security's research & development, dual-tech detection technology DEA Sensor Fusion (DSF) , has just obtained an international patent. DSF has brought the concept of data fusion into the world of electronic intrusion detectors, i.e. the...

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    Ready for Intersec 2022

    This year we will be among the Italian companies that will have the privilege of representing made in Italy in Dubai, on the occasion of the well-known international fair of Safety & Security Intersec. We will have the pleasure of sharing booth S1-B20 with our two...

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    Price lists 2022

    Since the entry into force of the latest price lists last May, the already critical global situation regarding costs and availability of production components has been further exacerbated. The problem is well known to all of us and we can resume it in scarce or very...

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    Partnership between DEA, Bettini and Prassel

    DEA Security, Bettini and Prassel have entered into a collaboration agreement with the aim of exporting Innovation Made in Italy in an incisive way to international markets. The three companies develop perfectly complementary products: perimeter intrusion detection...

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    Christmas holidays closures 2021

    In addition to Wednesday 8 December, the italian holiday of the Immaculate Conception, all our offices and departments will close on Friday 24 December 2021 and will reopen on Monday 3 January 2022.

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