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DEA NET is an ecosystem of technologies and devices which allow DEA’s systems to centralize and manage remote signals (alarm, tamper and fail) over proprietary network protocol (DEA NET) and/or Ethernet (TCP/IP). DEA NET also allows integrating DEA’s solutions with a wide range of third-party devices and software.

DEA NET allows managing the system from a single remote station, simplifying its configuration and ordinary maintenance. The service software allows calibrating and programming all the processing boards connected over the network, checking the status of inputs and outputs status, viewing in real time the signals coming from the sensors and downloading alarm logs.

Currently, almost all DEA Security systems employ native IP analysis units, which can connect to both the DEA NET network and a standard Ethernet network. To manage more analysis units in a centralized way, you can use the BR-DN-ETHCTRL control board: it collects, on the DEA NET network, alarm, tamper and fail signals raised by the processing boards and provide them, in different ways (network or relays), to third-party devices and software.

The DEA NET system also includes the SC-DN-ETHSRV server board, used to centralize and manage, directly over the IP network, the BR-DN-ETHCTRL controllers and the DEA analysis units equipped with an Ethernet interface. The server can manage up to 8 IP boards and up to 16 BR-DN-RE16 relay expansions connected locally. The supplied service software allows free configuration of both local and remote relay outputs in the system.

DEA NET Ethernet Controller (BR-DN-ETHCTRL)

Scheda di controllo BR-DN-ETHCTRL

DEA NET Ethernet Server (SC-DN-ETHSRV)

Scheda server SC-DN-ETHSRV

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