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The new unified Price List for all our indoor and outdoor intrusion detection systems is now available. This new edition of the Price List, effective from May 2023, includes some new product updates, the most significant of which are:

  • FUSION P2P Lite control board (BR-FSP2PLT-CTRL), which supports a maximum of 100 sensors on a single communication bus compared to the standard controller.
  • FUSION P2P sensor lines with “armored” cable (codes with the suffix “A”), protected by a robust anti-rodent braided iron-zinc armor.
    SN-SPCP-FWL2 detector for walls and armoured structures, which, unlike the FWL1 model, does not come with a service app but is programmable through classic DIP switches.
  • Regarding the prices, unfortunately, there are some increases that reflect those recorded in recent months for the related raw materials. However, we have managed to limit these interventions to the minimum necessary and to a minority of components.

The positive note is that the raw material market seems to be slowly returning to a certain stability: if, as we hope, this trend continues, it is very likely that at least in 2023, no further updates to the price list will be necessary.

Finally, the new version of the Catalog has been improved with interactive features. Now it is possible to click on the page numbers in the contents index or product tabs to quickly access the desired page. Also, to return to the contents index, simply click on the DEA Security logo on each page of the document.

You can download the updated versions of the Price List from our Member Area, while the Catalog is publicly available in the download section of our website. If you do not have an account or have forgotten your login credentials, you can write to us at dea@deasecurity.com.