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Our underfloor intrusion detection systems, SISMA CA and SISMA CA PF, can now be managed directly by XENSITY, our professional protection system for buildings.
This new integration offers three major advantages:
???? simplicity of configuration: the three systems share the same control board, wiring infrastructure and service software, reducing wiring and programming time and costs;
???? flexibility and scalability: XENSITY is a modular system that can now protect not only the inner perimeter of a building, such as doors, windows, walls and gratings, but also the outer perimeter, consisting of floors and other surfaces with concrete screed;
???? security and reliability: XENSITY and SISMA CA can detect even the most sophisticated intrusion attempts, providing alarm signals before the break-in has occurred.

The marriage between SISMA and XENSITY systems has been possible thanks to the new BR-XS-SMCAPU interface peripheral board, which amplifies signals from the sensor-modules and transmits them to the BR-XS-CTRL32/64 board via the XENSITY bus. This board is complemented by the BR-XS-SMCAPU-ADP adapter, which also allows the BR-XS-SMCAPU to be used on existing SISMA installations. Both products will be officially available in the new 2024 editions of the Catalog and Price List.