The first intrusion detection system for fences with PIEZO/MEMS dual technology

Rivelatore FUSION P2P

Integrated into the concrete screed of the flooring, it perceives the lightest step

Rivelatore SISMA CA

Buried detection system that deploys maintenance-free geoseismic sensors

Rivelatore SISMA CP

All the benefits of PIEZO and MEMS technologies in a single shock detector

App mobile SERIE A03PRO

An evolution of the hystoric family of SERIE A03 shock sensors, it is entirely configurable from smartphones and tablets

App mobile SERIE A03PRO

A concentrate of innovations for the protection of banks, offices and homes

Rivelatore XS-DOOR

It deploys exclusive torsion sensors which are installed to the base of each post

Rivelatore TORSUS

For over 20 years it has been protecting thousands of kilometers of fence in a very reliable way

Rivelatore SERIR grigio

The most advanced fence-mounted intrusion detection systems for critical infrastructures

Rivelatore SERIR P2P
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Perimeter protections

DEA Security’s perimeter intrusion detection systems detect intrusion and break-in attempts on the perimeter of a building or property. They are divided into:

  • outdoor perimeter detection systems: they are composed of fence-mounted systems for the protection of flexible and rigid fences, buried/underground systems for the protection of either concrete flooring or surfaces with no rigid foundation (tread soil, lawn, asphalt, etc);
  • indoor perimeter detection systems: they protect doors, windows, walls, ceilings, security grilles and window guards, raised floors.

DEA’s intrusion detection solutions are employed in protecting perimeters of any size and type, such as military and gouvernment sites, seaports and airports, petrochemical and industrial compounds, water and electricity utilities, nuclear facilities, PV parks and high-profile VIPs. All systems benefit from the complete and robust DEA NET centralization and integration platform, which provides native support for IP networks and most popular VMS and PSIM softwares.

Layers of protection

DEA Security’s perimeter defense systems realize four layers of protection ranging from the outermost perimeter, which generally coincides with the boundary of the property, to the heart of the protected site, typically a building. Starting from the outer layer, you can find:

    DEA Security perimeter intrusion detection systems

    Dual-tech protection for fences


    Protection of flexible metal fences

    SERIR line

    Protection of rigid metal fences

    TORSUS line

    Buried protection

    SISMA CP 50 system

    Protection of floorings

    SISMA CA system

    Protection of raised floors

    SISMA CA PF system

    Indoor protection

    Sistemi di protezione per interno


    Communication system for the centralization of the alarm signals.


    Software for the control and supervision of manned sites.


    DEA Security is an Italian company which designs, develops and produces state-of-the-art perimeter intrusion detection systems.

    We have full in-house competence and expertise: from concept to hardware and software design, from construction and testing of prototypes to final products. This allows us to master all the technologies employed in our products and to control the manufacturing process in each single phase to assure very high product quality.

    Now based in La Spezia (North of Italy, near Genoa), DEA Security has grouped its activities in a modern building which is also equipped with a fully functioning demo plant for hands-on learning.


    From pre-sale to post-sale, we provide our customers, mainly installers and systems integrators, with extensive professional services: from consulence and on-site survey to supervision during the installation of the systems.

    On-site survey

    We check the feasibility of the project and, togheter with customer, we define the best solution according to the requirements.


    We draw up offers of the PIDS according to the site features and the customer’s needs.

    Certificated training

    We provide certificated training on how to install and configure DEA’s systems.

    On-site technical supervision

    Our field-engineers supervise the laying and the start-up of the system.

    Factory pretest

    The cabinets preassembled with the relevant electronics are factory tested according to their standard configuration.

    On-site support

    Our field engineers support the installer during the installation or the maintenance of the system.


    We provide assistance and technical advice for the integration of our protections with third-party management systems.


    Depending on the site requirements, we can also customize our operating software.


    Below is a list of our foreign distributors. Feel free to contact us for more information.


    Casmar Chile
    C/General del Canto, 105. Oficina 1101
    Providencia – Santiago
    Phone: +56 2232242676
    Email: info@casmarchile.cl
    Web: www.casmarchile.cl


    Casmar Colombia
    Edificio Centro 94 – Oficina 601
    Transversal 23 No. 94-33 -Bogotá
    Phone: +57 3202758076
    Email: info@casmarcolombia.co
    Web: www.casmarcolombia.co 

    Durespo S.A. 
    Autopista Sur (Cra. 42) # 29-97 
    Itagüí, Antioquia
    Contact name: Wilson Vásquez Escobar 
    Phone: +57 (4) 4446262 
    Email: wvasquez@durespo.com.co 
    Web: www.durespo.com


    Perimax Ltd.
    Nádasdy 2, 1192 Budapest
    Contact name: Zoltan Szilagyi
    Phone: +36 12829940
    Email: info@perimax.hu


    Gladio S.A. de C.V. – Monte Elbruz #132 int.
    301-302, Polanco V sección, Miguel
    Hidalgo, 11560, CDMX
    Contact name: Jacopo Francesconi
    Phone: +52 5552895678
    Email: info@rseguridad.com
    Web: rseguridad.com


    2Guard B.V. 
    Sprendlingenstraat 18K 
    5061 KN Oisterwijk
    Contact name: Mark Verhagen 
    Phone: +31 (0) 882740900 
    Mobile phone: +31 (0) 610325223 
    Email: info@2guard.eu


    Aquila Security Maciej Prelich sp. k.
    ul. Franciszkańska 125, 91-845 Łódź
    Contact names:
    – Maciej Prelich, +48 606296008
    – Adam Pruski, +48 606903928
    Email: info@aquilasec.pl
    Web: www.aquilasec.pl

    Firma ATLine sp.j. Sławomir Pruski
    ul. Franciszkańska 125, 91-845 Łódź
    Contact name: Aleksander Pruski 
    Phone: +48 422363019 
    Email: apruski@atline.pl 
    Web: atline.pl


    Casmar Portugal
    Rua do Pombal nº 58 – 66
    Vila Nova de Gaia
    Phone: +351 223717467 
    Email: portugal@casmar.es
    Web: www.casmar.pt

    DSG Sistemas
    Rua Jose Augusto Vieira nº 11 S.17
    4760-850 Vila Nova de Famalicão
    Phone: +351 252042056 
    Email: comercial@dsgsistemas.pt
    Web: www.dsgsistemas.pt


    Casmar Electronica S.A.
    Maresme, 71-79
    08019 Barcelona
    Contact name: Agustín Llobet
    Phone: +34 933406408 – +34 902202206
    Email: casmar@casmar.es
    Web: casmar.es
    (see the website for other branches in Spain)

    SGSE S.L. 
    C/ Anabel Segura – 7, Planta Baja 
    28108 Alcobendas, Madrid
    Contact name: Óscar Romero Sacristán 
    Phone: +34 910564396 
    Email: oscar.romero@sgse.eu 
    Web: www.sgse.eu


    Milestone Integration Expo 2019

    On June 12th Milestone Integration Expo will be taking place in Barcelona and DEA Security will be attending it as a Milestone Community Partner. Each of the eight partners will be conducting five presentation sessions throughout the day: each session will last from...

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    Milestone Integration Expo Iberia 2018

    On October 24th DEA Security will be attending the Milestone Integration Expo Iberia 2018, which will take place in Madrid and will be dedicated to exclusive Milestone Alliance partners. Among the 8 partners attending the event, DEA will be the exclusive producer of...

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    Summer closing

    Please be informed that our company will be closed for summer holidays from Monday 13th August to Friday 17th August. We will reopen on Monday 20th August at regular time.

    read more

    DEA Security at the SECUREX Expo in Poland

    During the SECUREX Expo in Poznan (Poland) between 23rd and 26th April, our Polish distributor ATLine along with its partner Aquila Security are showcasing our indoor and outdoor perimeter intrusion detection systems among which the new indoor Point ID...

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    Success of DEA systems at Securex West Africa 2018

    Il nostro partner commerciale Net Global System International ha presentato con successo i nostri sistemi presso il recente Securex West Africa 2018. Nella foto sotto si possono vedere le strutture demo dei sistemi SERIR 50 e SISMA CA.  

    read more


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    Via Bolano, snc
    Santo Stefano di Magra
    La Spezia - Italy

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